At Accudyne Systems, we focus on ‘Necessary Innovation’ versus ‘Reinventing the Wheel’

Stringer Forming and Trim Cell

As a custom equipment solution provider, we encounter all manner of interesting manufacturing process challenges. Many times, the solution to a challenging manufacturing automation problem is hidden in plain sight and brought to light by careful examination of Key Process Variables. Solutions to more difficult challenges require innovation, which results in First-of-a-Kind equipment designs. This is our wheelhouse: First-of-a-Kind, application specific, custom equipment.

Recently, Accudyne delivered an aircraft stringer former and trim cell which incorporates multiple composite material processing technologies with the right balance of Innovation and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf component integration. The cell automatically forms, compacts, and trims the net edge-of-part in addition to providing ply placement guidance with laser part geometry projection and visual-aid displays for operators. Accudyne developed novel solutions for the 6-axis Ultrasonic trimming and stringer forming capabilities. The 6-axis Ultrasonic Trim module employs Siemens SINUMERIK CNC controls and a Dukane Ultrasonic Knife mounted on a custom nutating head which permits the trim module to make low angle cuts and navigate complex 3D part geometry with ease. CNC toolpath generation (G-Code) is accomplished with a custom Accudyne-developed post processor. The forming section employs an array of mechanisms that adapt to multiple stringer component shapes without the need for expensive servo actuation or tooling changes. The Accudyne Team leveraged the expertise of Torr Technologies for compaction bladder frame manufacture, and Aligned Vision for laser projection hardware – both leaders in their respective fields.

Overall, the stringer former and trim cell represents a leap forward for our client, slashing production time significantly and increasing process repeatability and quality – hallmarks of a great manufacturing process.